About Elite Mountain Properties

I am the President/Owner and BIC of my own company Elite Mountain Properties, Ltd since 1997, now dba as Elite Mountain and Triangle Properties. I am an independent niche-boutique Realtor, I did not amalgamate nor be absorbed into a bigger office where agents are competing against or crowding each other.

There is strength in the number 1; I am a 1 agent office- me. I own my own building that I operate from in beautiful downtown Blowing Rock. That strength allows me to represent my clients with no dollar value in sight, I can stand the test of time with the clients I choose to do good business with. Real Estate is my main business during hours, I live/breathe/dream/ sleep/ Real Estate, it’s what I do! Real Estate is my full time job, my priority and my forte.

Additionally, I am a licensed North Carolina State Certified Appraiser and my experience as an appraiser allows me the ability to dissect any market in NC among other perks. I also have 2 Holistic skin care stores, one in downtown Blowing Rock and one in downtown Cary called Trillium Beauty where we specialize in Dr. Hauschka and Eminence facials and skin care. These are my fun time business ventures.

My husband has a weekender 'diner' adjacent to my businesses called Blowing Rock Café and his full time job is ‘builder extraordinaire’. I am also a member of the Charlotte MLS as my primary and High Country MLS as secondary, networking with thousands of new people everyday. Teach your children that ‘the sky is the limit and anything can be achieved by working hard diligently with integrity and perseverance and never listen to ‘nay sayer’s who want to squelch their dream or undermine them.